Target Specialty Products to Be the Exclusive Distributor For New Bayer Product, Imperium

Target Specialty Products, a leading
provider of Pest and Vector Control and Turf and Ornamental solutions in the
U.S. and Canada, will be the exclusive distributor for Imperium – a new aerial
mosquito-control solution from Bayer.

Bayer continues to invest heavily in ground-breaking solutions,
ongoing research, training, and education to help Mosquito Control
Professionals around the globe fight against mosquitoes that may carry disease.
Imperium, the company’s latest innovation, is an aerial insecticide that
utilizes patented formulation technology to deliver superior efficacy with low
application rates, reduced impact, and an all-crop tolerance.

Imperium is also the first and only Type II pyrethroid
(Deltamethrin) registered in the United States for wide area mosquito control.
Deltamethrin has been proven to effectively control resistant mosquitoes in
nationwide testing. The benefits of the product include:

Superior efficacy with low application rates

Imperium provides excellent control and
knockdown using low application rates – up to 80 times less active ingredient
than other products. This significantly reduces the amount of pesticide
released into the environment.

Low impact, noncorrosive

In the public health sector, safety is
a top priority. Because Imperium is non-corrosive and has no PBO and no VOCs,
it provides peace of mind with reduced impact for applicators, the public and
the environment.

All crop tolerance

Imperium is labeled for application
over any and all crops including range and pasture lands. This gives mosquito
abatement professionals the flexibility to control mosquitoes in a wide variety
of environments.

Effective against resistant mosquitoes

Imperium is the only Type-II pyrethroid
labeled for wide-area mosquito control.  Its chemistry and advanced
formulation provide exceptional control of mosquitoes with demonstrated
resistance to other pyrethroids and/or organophosphates.  Tested by public
health officials across the country, Imperium is effective against numerous
species of mosquitoes including those that may carry Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya,
and West Nile viruses.

“We continue to build on our close relationship with Bayer to
bring to market the latest solutions to deliver proven control of mosquitoes,
developed with reduced environmental impact and safety in mind,” said David
Helt, President of Target Specialty Products. “Imperium is the most advanced
product in its class and we believe our customers will be excited to add this
innovative product to fight against mosquitoes effectively.”

“We are very excited to offer Imperium through Target Specialty
Products,” said Dr. Kurt Vandock, Head of Public Health for Bayer. “Imperium is
a great example of how, at Bayer, our passion for protecting public health can
result in a novel solution that is innovative, effective, and aligned with our
global commitment to environmental stewardship.”

To help deliver this new innovation to the market, Bayer has
partnered exclusively with Target
Specialty Products
to be the sole distributor of Imperium. Target Specialty
brings experience and expertise in the area of aerial applications, along with
an energetic team that will help deliver a successful solution to our

Target Specialty
continues to experience exceptional growth and will continue its
expansion throughout North America, expanding its footprint and customer
service efforts across the West, Midwest, and East Coast regions.

For additional
information on Imperium please visit Target
Specialty Products at or follow them on
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIN.

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