Target Specialty Products Launches Turf Fuel™ Mz-23 Nutritional Product for Turf Professionals

Turf Fuel™ MZ-23 Improves Color, Resiliency and Overall Turf Performance

Specialty Products
, a leading provider of turf and ornamental
landscaping solutions in the U.S. and Canada, has launched Turf Fuel MZ-23, a product designed for
turf professionals to strengthen plants and turf’s overall performance.

Fuel MZ-23
is today’s answer to severe plant stress. The product was
created using a combination of auxin-loaded
sea kelp, potassium phosphite, manganese and zinc designed to improve turf’s color, resiliency and
overall performance.

 “Our Turf Fuel products are developed to serve a specific purpose, provide
exceptional performance and a great value to turf professionals,” said Mark Jull, Head of Turf Fuel
Products’ Division, at Target Specialty Products.

Thanks to MZ-23’s innovative and powerful ingredient portfolio, turf will get to new levels of
strength and health,” said Steve Loveday, Turf Fuel Nutritional Product Development Manager.  “Along with manganese, zinc and phosphite,
MZ-23 also contains a high dose of our proprietary root driving sea kelp and nutrient uptake aid
which allows for better absorption of ALL nutrients in the spray tank. Better
absorption, better color, healthier turf!”

Turf Fuel’s new MZ-23 will be presented at the Golf Industry Show
in San Diego, CA, February 6-7th, 2019, at Target Specialty Products’ booth number 5523.

Turf Fuel products are designed to help turf professionals get the most out of their turf even in
extremely stressful conditions. The products are built from a foundation of
science where proven concepts are fortified with unique and innovative new
technologies. This combination creates turf that is
conditioned to handle stress effectively and
gives the turf care professional an innovative new set
of powerful solutions.

Turf Fuel MZ-23 will
be distributed through Target Specialty Products. Target Specialty Products continues to
experience exceptional growth and will continue its expansion throughout North
America, expanding its footprint and customer service efforts across the West,
Midwest, and East Coast regions.

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About Target Specialty Products

With over 80 years of industry experience, Target Specialty Products is proud to
be a leading value-added solutions and service provider of turf and ornamental
solutions, pest management, application equipment, supplies and education and
training programs. Target Specialty Products serves the Turf and Ornamental and
Pest Management markets from 43 locations across the United States and Canada.
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